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Visual Identity Design

After designing the logo, the process includes selection of a color palette and one or two font families, and the creation of one or more signature design elements.

Visual identity design creates the “look and feel” of your brand. It usually includes the design of identity materials: the company letterhead, envelope and business cards. The visual identity design process usually culminates in a set of branding guidelines, to ensure consistency.

Visual identity design includes:

Color selection

Your logo has one or more colors. These are the specific Pantone colors that should dominate the color scheme in anything you design, or we design for you. If the logo has just one or two colors, we will extend your graphic color palette with a few complementary Pantone colors. They can add interest and variety to designs for your website and marketing materials. The designer will want to make sure you have colors that can work in the background as well as colors strong enough to use in type. Stick to your identity colors and your color scheme will always look consistent.

Font selection

Typically, we select two font families that work well together. Often one is a serif font and the other a sans serif. Most font families include bold and italic versions of the font. Larger families may have many more versions, such as extra bold or condensed. The guidelines will indicate which fonts to use for headlines, subheads, body text and other typography needs. With the two families we select, your organization will have plenty of variety, yet your look will stay consistent because the fonts within a family are closely related.

Design elements

Design elements are one or more signature items that you use consistently. The item could be anything, but it is often a distinctive pattern, curve, shape or slope. Often the item it picks up on is some part of the logo icon and extends it or elaborates upon it in an interesting way. A design element that becomes part of your visual identity may be subtle or bold. If it is bold, we take care to avoid a look that is very trendy. Like your logo, design elements should be classic enough to endure through many fashion seasons.

Created A Visually Stunning, Effective Graphic

“Working with Hollister Creative on the 2016 DesignPhiladelphia graphic identity was fantastic. We are so pleased with the result and received tons of compliments on our festival theme and logo this year. Hollister’s team was able to incorporate our goals of the “Home” theme into a visually stunning and effective graphic identity for the festival. In addition to the end product, I was also very pleased with how effective and efficient working with Hollister was. The designers are smart and quick. They did an excellent job of listening to our ideas, concerns, and always responded thoughtfully and creatively.”

Rebecca Johnson

Design Philadelphia

The logo for MHC, part of a visual identity design created by Hollister Creative
A business card for MHC, part of a visual identity design created by Hollister Creative
Letterhead for MHC, part of a visual identity design created by Hollister Creative