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Customer Experience Strategy

Most companies that pride themselves on service have never examined the actual customer experience at every touch point.

No matter how great you think you are at customer service, it is unlikely that your team is providing stand-out quality in every interaction with prospects and clients. Developing and executing a Customer Experience Strategy can lead to transformational changes in the level of customer service your company provides.

When you are really great, customers will go out of their way to thank you, say nice things about you, refer others to you and do business with you again and again.

If you engage Hollister Creative to guide the development of your Customer Experience Strategy, get ready for the most in-depth collaboration you have ever had with a consulting partner.

  • We are going to ask you to create a Customer Experience Committee comprised of top executives and representatives from every functional area of your organization.
  • We are going to ask you to schedule a monthly 2-hour Customer Experience Committee meeting and require attendance.
  • We are going to plan and run those committee meetings as hands-on workshops in which all are working together as a team to examine every touch point with customers, from the way they first hear about your company, to their trip down the sales funnel, the planning and delivery of their order, and the followup afterward.

You and your team will learn to see your company from the customer’s point of view. It is likely you will discover that some steps in your process are for your convenience, not the customer’s. You may discover steps that are unnecessary as well as steps that should be added.

We will coach you through the effort to change your procedures so that, in every interaction, you are providing the best possible customer experience. We will be documenting the new procedures along the way. We will expect the team to begin implementing them immediately and provide feedback at the next committee meeting.

When the consulting engagement is over, you will have a document detailing every step your company takes that involves a customer. It will be a living document that your Customer Experience Committee can and should come back to quarterly with suggestions for updates and further improvements.

The document will be a great resource when a relationship with a customer goes wrong. You will be able to quickly identify the step in your process at which things started going wrong. You can then seize the opportunity to revisit the procedures at that step to see if they were followed according to plan. If they were, this is a time to reconsider how those procedures can be improved so that the same thing can’t go wrong again.

If you keep the document updated, it will also prove useful to your company in onboarding new employees, as it will always be a current and authoritative “This Is How We Do It.”


We’re Seeing New And Happy Customers

“We were looking for more focused messaging and Hollister Creative came through in a big way. They not only helped define the company branding, but really understood and communicated the essence of Clarion Medical. They really helped the company find its voice and niche and we’re already seeing results in terms of new and happy customers.”

Stan Gitin

Clarion Medical Ambulance