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Brand Elevation Strategy

We guide leaders and employees through discovery, to answers and actions that improve your company’s ability to compete at a higher level.

Every employee plays a role in defining your organization’s brand, yet most of them don’t know what role they are playing, or even what a brand is. If they have some concept of brand, it is often a shallow, surface concept involving the company name, logo and slogan.

Leaders typically can tell you how they view the brand and how they want others to view it, but they don’t know how to change misperceptions so that everyone else sees what they see.

Hollister Creative gets called in when the leaders are making huge efforts to grow the company and compete at a higher level, but find the brand is holding them back. They realize they need to truly understand the brand, the role it is playing in the company’s current status and the role it could play in a better future.

The most common circumstances are:

  1. The company has grown larger and more sophisticated, but its brand is stuck in the past.
  2. The company has changed focus or expanded offerings, and its brand has become outdated.
  3. Leaders discover there is no brand consistency in the way salespeople talk about the company.

Regardless of circumstances, the goal is always to define and elevate the brand in a way that will improve the company’s competitive position.

We customize a consulting engagement and/or workshop to focus on the problem at hand and engage the people who need to be part of the solution. This could be just top leaders, but is more typically a larger group with representatives from all key areas of the organization. Company-wide buy-in is a big factor in the overall success of a brand elevation effort.

Through exercises and discussions, we lead the group through a discovery process to an understanding of the answers to three key questions:

  1. What is a brand?  The group ultimately arrives at a shared understanding of the term.
  2. Why is our brand what it is? The group learns how perceptions about the company’s brand have been formed and how brand perceptions affect the company’s competitive position.
  3. How can our brand help us compete? The group compares perceptions about their company’s brand with perceptions about target competitors, to identify perceptions that are incorrect or outdated and need to be changed.

The final segment is devoted to developing an action plan that will correct, update and elevate the brand over time.


They Understand What We Do

“Kim and her team invested their time at the beginning of our relationship to gain an understanding of what we do, how we do it, and most importantly our unique sales process. Knowing our need for speed in responding to inquiries, Hollister gave us documents that we can share instantly in email and on the web, as well as the option to print a minimal number as needed. This flexibility is key for PAC as we reach a new growth period.”

Sarah Maietta

Precision AirConvey