Like many professional service businesses, The Ezold Law Firm, P.C. has grown primarily through the passive marketing of referrals and word-of-mouth. Partners Nancy O’Mara Ezold and Christopher Ezold were in talks with Hollister Creative to accelerate growth with several active marketing initiatives.

Then an urgent need arose. Ezold Law saw an opportunity to leverage its expertise in health law and business law by educating clients and prospects about new HIPAA regulations. The new regulations extend liability for HIPAA privacy violations beyond healthcare providers and payors to all of the businesses that serve them, and through them, have access to patient information.

Ezold Law was developing a webinar on this topic. The urgent need was for collateral to both promote the webinar and serve as a leave-behind for webinar participants. We discussed the pros and cons of two formats for this piece: a trifold brochure or a flyer. Both are 8.5 x 11 but they are very different in their presentation and utility. Ezold leaders decided to do both, repurposing the trifold design and reusing most of the content, but eliminating the introductory text and the photos so that the content would fit on one side of the flyer.

Here’s why a trifold brochure or a flyer can be the better choice depending on your needs:

Should you do a brochure or a flyer? The trifold brochure format is ideal for mailing and handing out.

The trifold brochure format is ideal for mailing and handing out.

Trifolds are better if you want to mail the piece in an envelope, hand it out or have people pick it up on a display table or in your reception area. The size is familiar, compact and convenient. The format presents as a brochure, with a cover to pique reader interest and a three-panel interior you can use to tell a story in bite-size pieces or use to make a splash by designing all three panels as one. Added bonus: On a trifold you are sending out to be printed on a press, you can bleed the ink to the edge of the paper, which lends sophistication to the overall appearance.


Should you do a brochure or a flyer? The flyer format is best for emailing and for downloading.

The flyer format is best for emailing and for downloading. Click image to enlarge.

Flyers are better if you want to email the piece as an attachment or put it on your website as a .pdf file that visitors can view online or download and print from their desktop. (When you present a trifold as a flat .pdf, you lose the folds, so the flow of content from one panel to the next is lost.) The flyer format also works better if you plan to convert the .pdf to a .jpg for display in the body of an email you distribute through Constant Contact or a similar platform. The straightforward, vertical 8.5×11 format allows you to present all of the most important information at once. Quick tip: Don’t bleed a flyer design if you want people to print it out. Most desktop printers can’t print any closer than a quarter inch from the page edge, so depending on your settings, they will either crop a full-bleed design or shrink it.


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