Q: Comic Sans is my favorite font. At work, we are redesigning our newsletter to make it more lively. I very nicely suggested to the designer that Comic Sans would be a fun headline font. Why did she say I’d have to shoot her first?

Two signs, one in comic sans, and one explaining why comic sans is badA: Please don’t shoot the designer. The reason she said that was because this particular font was created for comic-book-style talk bubbles containing informational help text. It was meant to project “friendly,” “fun” and “non-threatening.” But its overuse on flyers, invitations and passive-aggressive bulletin board notes have turned it into a typographical menace and a cultural shibboleth: If you use it, you’ve alerted the design cognoscenti that you’re either an ironic hipster or an amateur.

Comic Sans may be just the thing for announcing your school bake sale, but do not use it on anything meant to look professional. Your designer can convey “playful” or “informal” without resorting to (shudder) Comic Sans.

The Internet is chock-full of very funny unlove for Comic Sans.

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