Don't wear this outfit for your business headshot.

Have a wince-worthy outfit? Leave it in the closet on company picture day.

Q: A professional photographer is coming in to take a business headshot of each staff member for our website and marketing materials. How should we dress to get the best results?

A: First, hats off to you for hiring a professional! Too many companies try to save a few bucks with do-it-yourself photography. The results often look like Instagram shots sent from dimly lit taverns to Facebook, alerting friends that you’re having more fun than they are. You can count on a professional photographer to make you properly lit and in perfect focus, but remember that cameras are people, too. Even an experienced pro can’t make the camera smile on you if it wants to wince. Here’s how to keep the camera from wincing:

  • Avoid large prints or patterns. Cameras like faces and get annoyed when clothing distracts them.
  • Avoid all-white or all-black outfits. Cameras are proud of their hard-won color capabilities and feel disrespected by black-and-white. So add a colorful tie, necklace or scarf to an outfit that is primarily neutral.
  • Avoid wintery or summery clothing. Cameras want their work to look timeless, no matter the season.
  • Avoid logos, symbols and words. Cameras look down their lenses at people who equate dressing well with logo-rific clothing. In company photos the only logo visible should be the company’s; for example, on a uniform, golf shirt or tie.

Now smile at the camera and the camera will smile on you!

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