Should we be on Facebook? What about LinkedIn or Pinterest? Should we be tweeting? How about email marketing? Pay-per-click ads? Banner ads? SEO? QR codes? PURLs? Sponsorships? Webinars? Videos? Events?

Everyone involved with marketing wants to know which tactics and technologies actually work. If you ask a person who specializes in one tactic or technology, the answer will likely be “my stuff works.” But if you ask a strategist who works with multiple tactics and technologies, the answer will always be, “It depends.”

It depends on your audience. Where are your prospects looking to find what you sell (i.e. your product, service or cause)? If you don’t know, start with this free, low-tech survey: Ask clients how they found you. Ask prospects who contact you how they heard about you. Ask people you meet networking if they know of your company or your competitors, and how.

It depends on your resources. Once you know how you get found, do more of what’s working. Stop what isn’t. Then prioritize new initiatives according to your survey results. If you have the resources to launch multiple initiatives, choose a few that can be integrated in a cohesive campaign.

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