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Website Features and Functionality

Our intent is to ensure that your website has all the features and functionality it should have, as well as any additional features you want.

Mobile-friendly responsive design

Your website design will be responsive, which means it adapts automatically to the size of the screen on which it is being viewed. You can avoid the expense of separately developing and maintaining a mobile site for smart phones and tablet devices.

Content management system

Your website will have a content management system (CMS) so that you can add, change and delete content yourself. You won’t have to pay professionals to update your site content. Any authorized person at your company who has enough computer knowledge to use Microsoft Word can learn the basics in the hour-long free training we include. Alternatively, you can hire Hollister to manage your site if that would be a convenience to you.

Open source code

We develop your website on an open source platform, either WordPress or Drupal. We advise against any proprietary or closed platform, as it can saddle you with a site you cannot move or modify in the future. Programmers contributing to open source code are constantly improving it and adding the latest features and functions. Any qualified programmer can modify open source site code for you in the future.

You choose the host

Hollister does not host sites and the hosting charge is not included in our proposals. To best protect a WordPress website against hacking, we recommend that you have it hosted at a site that specializes in hosting WordPress websites, such as WPengine.com or GoDaddy.com/hosting/wordpress-hosting.

Search Engine Optimization

Your site will be properly constructed for SEO. It will include a dynamically generated site map and an SEO plugin that will enable website managers to place keywords in URLs, page titles, headlines, subheads and image tags, and to write the meta descriptions that appear in search results. If you have basic SEO knowledge, and you want to learn how to use the SEO plugin, we will teach you that as part of our training on the content management system. We offer an optional one-hour call to explain the basics of SEO for $140. Alternatively, you can hire Hollister to optimize your site for you.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides rich data on site traffic so that you can monitor the performance of your site. It will be enabled for every page of your site. You will need a Gmail account (free) to access your Google Analytics account.

Step-by-step process

Our proven process for website development builds like a house: starting with the foundation of strategy, moving on to the frame-up that is the site map, progressing to the infrastructure design that is the wireframe, and finally to the decor choices in flooring-wallcovering-cabinetry-lighting that is the page designs. Each step builds on the previous steps. We don’t move forward to the next step without client approval.


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