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Social Media Marketing

While particulars may differ with client goals, this is how we broadly, and briefly, define the marketing value of major social media sites.


Facebook has value for companies that sell directly to consumers, for nonprofits and for educational institutions. It has yet to prove value in most business-to-business contexts. In any case, Facebook now requires an investment of dollars, not just time. Unless you are paying to boost your posts, they are being shown to a small fraction of the people who Like your page. Paid boosting also enables you to target the audience who will see your posts, selecting demographic and geographic criteria as well as interests.


LinkedIn has great value for all types of organizations, and we advise clients to have a frequently updated company page as well as individual pages for members of their leadership team. People whose role involves business development, donor acquisition or recruitment will find the additional features in the paid version of LinkedIn are invaluable. Paying to boost your posts on LinkedIn will greatly expand your audience, and you can target the right audience by selecting demographic and industry criteria.


Twitter has the most value for people who are, or aspire to be, thought leaders. It is also valuable for connecting with the thought leaders in your industry, as well as journalists who cover your industry. We advise clients using Twitter for business to focus their tweets in a subject area relevant to the people they want to connect with. Generalists have a hard time gaining traction.


YouTube has value for any organization using video to engage its audience or share expertise. As with text content, the videos you post will be engaging if they are relevant to your brand as well as interesting, informative or entertaining. We advise clients not to rely solely on their YouTube channel for video views, but also to integrate the videos with their web pages or blog posts.


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