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Want your site to be found? Here’s how

This example explains what Hollister Creative does to make sure client sites get found in search.

Precision AirConvey had achieved industry leadership as a manufacturer of trim and matrix waste removal systems for printing presses and plastics production lines. CEO Tom Embley was ready to invest in an industry-leading website.

Working for the previous 18 months with Hollister Creative and experts in SEO and pay-per-click ads, the CEO had seen growth in sales leads from the website. He knew the old website was hindering further growth. He wanted a new site that would maximize visibility in online searches and a user experience that would convert more visitors into leads.

Those goals were front and center when our writers and designers teamed up to develop the sitemap. We made the website’s content our top priority because Google wants the same thing potential customers want: original, factual and informative content that answers the questions searchers are asking.

Following the CEO’s lead, PAC’s internal marketing team, engineers and salespeople shared their knowledge and insights in phone interviews with our web content specialists. By picking the brains of those subject matter experts, our writers were able to create a fact-filled web page about each product and service. Other pages explain in detail how PAC’s systems improve customer bottom lines. Still others tell how PAC solutions apply to each of the industries the company serves.

Using the same phone interview method, our writers also produced a deep library of blog posts, each of which expertly answers one question prospects ask. Every blog post is a searchable web page. Every time a new post is added, it signals Google that the website has fresh content. And each blog title adds a new search phrase for which the PAC website can be found online.

We supplemented text with photos and videos. We added relevant buttons at the end of each article to make it easy for visitors to get additional information or begin the sales process.

By providing rich, deep website content, Precision AirConvey is maximizing the number of ways prospects can discover the company, whether they’re searching online by product, by need, by industry or by asking a question.


Here are three ways to improve any website’s visibility in online search:

  • Expand your page count. The more pages of good, reliable and original text you have dedicated to distinct topics, the more ways people can find your site when they are Googling for information.
  • Get specific. If you sell shoes and all you have is a page about shoes in general, you’re competing for searches on a very broad term (shoes) with every other business that sells shoes. But if you have a page about flats to wear to an outdoor wedding, it is likely to be found by brides, bridesmaids and wedding guests ready to buy.
  • Add a blog to your site. Write each article to address one specific need or answer one specific question your prospects and customers have. Regularly adding an article of 300 to 500 words is an easy way to increase the number of keyword phrases for which your site can be indexed by Google and found by prospects.

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