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No excuses: You need a blog and we can ghost write blog articles for you

Google looks for original, authoritative content, and that is what your blog will have when you hire Hollister Creative to interview experts on your team and ghost write blog articles for them. We also manage blogs you write internally to keep the process on track, edit and proofread the articles, optimize them for search, post them and promote them on your social media pages.

Here’s why you need a blog:

  • Optimizing your website for search engines is impossible without a blog to provide a steady stream of the informative, original content sought by the Google search algorithm.
  • With each blog post, you add another indexable page to your website, building a library of content that will increase your website’s visibility in search results.
  • Unlike other types of social media posts, blog articles continue to work for you indefinitely, attracting visitors to your website long after you’ve posted them.
  • If you add effective calls to action in your blog posts, you will convert some of your new site visitors into leads.
  • Blog posts allow you to delve into very specific topics that only real prospects and customers want to know about.
  • The insights you share help establish you as an expert in your field, which is a great way to earn the trust of prospects.
  • Blogs allow your brand to respond in a timely way to new developments in your field as well as current events.

Click to view one of the blogs we ghost write for clients:

Creative Benefits blog
Dunleavy & Associates blog
LearnQuest blog
Precision AirConvey blog


We offer several types of blog service

Hollister Creative can help you start a blog, write it, edit it, optimize it and promote it. We can also compile your posts into a weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletter that you can email to your list of customers and prospects.

Blog Creation. We will add a blog to your existing website.

Blog Strategy. We will help you think about your different types of buyers, and the questions and concerns they have about products, services and topics within your field. Using this information, we’ll create a schedule of topics for you to address in your blog.

Blog Management. We will be the consistent, persistent force that makes your blog happen on schedule. We’ll schedule, edit, optimize and post your blogs for you, and promote them on your social media pages.

Blog Ghost Writing. We’ll interview you and other experts on your team about a blog topic, then write the blog for you.


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