Zeke Capital Advisors provides comprehensive investment solutions to wealthy families and small institutions. The firm was founded in 2008 by Edward Antoian, who became a legend in investment circles as a senior portfolio manager at Delaware Investment Advisers and previously cofounded Chartwell Investment Partners.

Upgrade the brand done right: New logo and website for Zeke Capital Advisors

After: New logo and website for Zeke Capital Advisors

One might expect that a company born with such a pedigree would look impressive from day one. But like many startups, Zeke Capital got by with a succession of logos and bare-bones marketing tools that never quite hit the mark. Maturing and prospering in its first 5 years, Zeke Capital reached a point where the company was a whole lot better than it appeared. That’s when its leaders called Hollister Creative.

The decision to drop an outgrown brand image is easy. The challenge is to upgrade the brand in a way that stays true to the brand heritage, yet moves the brand forward and gives it room to grow. When you upgrade the brand image, strive for these three qualities:

A need to upgrade the brand: Old Zeke Capital logo and website

Before: Old Zeke Capital logo and website

  1. Authenticity. In the minds of clients, a brand reflects the qualities they associate with the company. When upgrading a brand, be careful not to change it so dramatically that clients feel it no longer represents the qualities they bought and value.
  2. Upward mobility. A growing company gradually competes at higher levels. The brand needs to grow with it. Dress the company for success with branding sophisticated enough to serve it well as it moves up the ladder.
  3. Integration. Everything seen by clients and prospects needs to convey a consistent brand image. So revise accordingly – not only the business cards and stationery but also the website, blog, email newsletter, PowerPoint presentation, print collateral and trade show display.

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