An example of a clever logo: a logo for the Duck & Donkey Tavern, which cleverly uses silhouettes of two ducks as the nose of a donkey.

The logo for The Duck & Donkey tavern incorporates a very clever duck/donkey icon.

Hollister Creative Art Director Heidi Karl roams the globe, often on horseback. She may be on vacation, but she is also in search of good design or clever logo to bring back to you, our beloved newsletter fans. On her recent trip to the small and beautiful African country Lesotho, she discovered this gem of a logo for The Duck & Donkey tavern.

The icon in the logo is a donkey with a dark muzzle and sweet donkey eyes. No, it’s a pair of ducks beneath some donkey ears. Either way, it’s unique and memorable. And fitting, too. In the mountainous, rural community of Semonkong, donkeys transport goods and people. The ducks that congregate in a campground next to the tavern are remarkably unafraid of humans and pester them for treats. Consequently, any visit to The Duck & Donkey will involve actual ducks and donkeys.

A tavern logo icon can be more playful than the logo icon of a suit-and-tie business. But every business leader who wants an icon as part of the company logo can do something to make the icon stand out.

  • DO brainstorm all the possible visuals associated with your business that could be incorporated with your logo. These include products, services, tools or uniforms your employees use, your location (if significant), the local scenery, related colors, actions and abstract concepts.
  • DON’T let your clever idea get in the way of clarity. You should never have to explain your logo.

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