Keyword con man who guarantees top SEO rankingsIf no one else entered the race, did you still win?

Answer “yes” and you are a mark for the SEO con artists who guarantee a first page Google ranking.

Their guarantee is solid because a web page optimized for a keyword phrase for which no other web page is optimized will take the top spot in search results for that phrase. But that “win” won’t help your business because chances are, the reason none of your competitors optimize for that phrase is that no one searches for it.

You don’t need to become an SEO expert to beat this keyword con. You just have to know the three basic components of a keyword strategy that you can develop yourself or hire a specialist to develop for you.

Relevance. The best keyword phrase is highly relevant to whatever you are “selling” on your page. It is a phrase your target audience would type into the search field to find exactly that. Brainstorm a list of phrases. Do a Google search on each one. If the results show pages selling something very similar to your page, the phrase is relevant.

Search volume. Using the free (and amazing) Google Keyword Tool, find out how many people search your keyword phrase each month. High search volume is good, but low can be fine if your phrase is so specific that only a knowledgeable prospect who is ready to buy would search that phrase. If the search volume is zero, you can pose as an SEO expert and con your competitors into optimizing for this phrase.

Competition. The Keyword Tool will also tell you if competition for your phrase is high, medium or low. High means it is a very popular phrase that many competitors are optimizing for. It will cost you to pursue a page one spot for that phrase. Fortunately, the Keyword Tool automatically suggests alternate phrases, some of which have medium or low competition.

Want a phrase with no competition? Answer the next ad you see for “1st Page Google Guaranteed!”

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