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Content Marketing Strategy

We teach organizations about content marketing, why it works and how to do it well.

Content Marketing is a buzzword you may have heard and ignored because you don’t know what it is, or why it matters, or how to do it. It matters, a lot, for two reasons: First, Google sends prospects your way based on content you post. Second, customers today don’t want to be sold; they want to be educated so that they can make informed decisions.

Hollister Creative has developed a workshop for business leaders and groups that answers these key questions:

  1. What is content marketing?
  2. Why should I invest in content marketing?
  3. How can my company generate sales leads from content marketing?

Key points covered include:

  • The difference between content marketing and advertising
  • The role of distribution and content sharing
  • The evidence that people want to buy, but dislike being sold to
  • The evidence that both consumers and businesses do research online before they buy
  • How consumers and businesses choose who to buy from
  • The huge role of content in optimizing a website for search
  • Why blogging is so important
  • How to blog the right way

The workshop is also suitable for presentation to gatherings of diverse business leaders, such as CEO roundtables and Vistage groups.

If you are looking for a partner to assist your company with the implementation of content marketing, Hollister Creative is successfully providing that service to companies in several industries.


Content Helped Improve Brand Awareness And Equity

“We value the team at Hollister Creative because they are easy to work with, they worked hard to get to know us and they do great work. The Hollister team has helped us to refine and align our branding efforts by creating a consistent look to both our suite of collateral materials and our website. Their expertise in graphic design and layout, coupled with their fresh perspective on messaging and content positioning, has helped CCI improve both brand awareness and brand equity. Outsourcing our marketing efforts has helped us to improve quality while enabling us to refocus our efforts on supporting clients and growing our practice.”

Brian Clapp

CCI Consulting

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