Strategy and Consulting

We guide clients with marketing strategy and consulting services, as well as workshops that involve key players or your entire team in moving the organization onward and upward.

Hollister Creative Team in a strategy session

Marketing Action Plans

We don’t write traditional marketing plans, those tomes that cost a lot of money and sit on shelves. We write Action Plans. They describe what is going to be done, when and by whom. Marketing is an action verb. Marketing plans are only a collection of ideas until leaders commit to action and employees or partners are accountable for outcomes. Learn more about custom Marketing Action Plans.

Customer Experience Strategy

Many businesses pride themselves on their customer service. They think it is outstanding. Yet they have never examined the actual customer experience at every touchpoint in the journey; from suspect to prospect, to client, to potential source of repeat business, testimonials and referrals. The exercise is always enlightening. Learn more about Customer Experience Strategy, Consulting and Workshops.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing is a buzzword you may have heard and ignored because you don’t know what it is, or why it matters, or how to do it. It matters, a lot, for two reasons: First, Google sends prospects your way based on content you post. Second, customers today don’t want to be sold; they want to be educated so that they can make informed decisions.  Learn more about Content Marketing Strategy, Consulting and Workshops.

Brand Elevation Strategy

Brand is a foreign concept to many employees not involved in marketing. Yet every employee plays a role in defining your organization’s brand. By educating employees about the nature of branding, leaders can enlist the entire organization in a coordinated effort to live the brand and elevate the brand. Elevation is crucial to companies attempting to compete at a higher level. Learn more about Brand Elevation Strategy, Consulting and Workshops.



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