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Publications: Print and Web

Starting a publication, redesigning or upgrading? Our expert publication team will guide you, help you or do it for you

Strategy, Content and Design

We offer both a turnkey solution in which we plan, write and design your publication for you, as well as a la carte services to augment your existing resources. In a startup situation, we consult with you to devise a content strategy that focuses intently on the needs and desires of your niche audience. Our approach to publication design strikes a balance between novelty and consistency: Each issue holds the promise of surprise gifts inside a welcome and familiar package. We work in print and web formats; often both. We can turn any publication into an ebook that enable us to embed audio, video and other interactive features.


In developing a newsletter for your business or nonprofit, the key is to put the interests of readers first. That means starting with a content strategy to deliver helpful, relevant, interesting or entertaining articles that reinforce your organization’s value in the readers’ minds. We help clients write, edit, design and publish newsletters as email, ebook or print publications. Learn what to consider beyond smart content strategy.


When reading a newsletter, report or blog article, people like to consume information in bite-size chunks. Not so with a magazine. That should be a meal worth savoring — a rich, sensory experience. Readers expect longer articles that hook them emotionally. They want striking photographs that express what words cannot. They expect the page designs to provide an environment uniquely suited to the photos and article. Learn about one of our magazine design projects.


You may need to provide stakeholders or a wider audience with an annual report, campaign report or strategic plan. Reports come in many forms, from a single page to a brochure, booklet, bound volume or mini website. In all cases, crisp writing and spiffy design are needed to keep readers from nodding off. To maximize audience engagement, we help clients pare down, organize and energize reports of all kinds. Learn how a theme can bring a report to life.

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