Stale websites are like leftovers. No one wants any part of them. You know it’s true. Case in point – let’s say you’re picking up dessert for a dinner party. You’ve heard good things about a local bakery and decide to stop by. You peek in the display case and see a moldy, dusty cake with cracked icing. You decide that your party will be an ice cream social instead.

Stale cakes are like stale websites: no one wants them.

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No baker who wants to stay in business would allow a cake to stay in the case a second past its prime. But many a business blithely lets its virtual display case – its website – go stale with outdated information: pages inviting visitors to events that took place months ago, “news” last updated in 2011, coupons that have expired, contact information for departed employees, etc.

Stale websites with outdated information leads to disappointment and eats away at your credibility.

  • DO make updating your website a priority. Many, many more prospects will visit your website than will ever come to your premises or meet you face to face.
  • DO schedule monthly website clean-ups to search for dust, mold and decay. You probably don’t look at your website every day, so you need to put these clean-ups on your calendar.
  • DON’T tolerate outdated contact information for a second. Change the service or products offerings online the day they change at your business. When you start a limited time offer, schedule a website update for the day it ends. Keep prices consistent in the digital and analog world. If you move, contact Google Places to update your address immediately.

Note: This item was inspired by an outdated online menu we encountered at a très chic French eatery attached to a famous name. We were drooling over the incorrect menu. None of the items we wanted to order were actually available. We won’t be back. A month later, this restaurant STILL hasn’t updated its site. Quelle horreur.

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