Cleaning the computer screen is part of website maintenance!

Before sitting down to clean up your website, take a swipe with a microfiber cloth at the dust and fingerprints on your screen. You will see your site more clearly!

Unless you have a monthly routine for website maintenance, it’s likely your content on the front end has been gathering virtual dust and the storage bins in the back end have filled up with bits and bytes of debris.

Why not seize one of those spring fever moments we all have at this time of year and do a spring cleaning of your website! Simple updates to your site’s front end and back end can help your site run faster and stay relevant to visitors.

If your website has a content management system (CMS), you can use it to clean up the front end that your visitors see. Your goal is to make sure all information is up to date, news is current and topics are relevant.

DO it yourself spring cleaning

  • Update your company news, calendar and/or events page
  • Update key stats and numbers, such as years in operation and business hours
  • Update the team member page with current names, titles and contact information
  • Update your “calls to action” with your latest and greatest offerings
  • Update the copyright in the footer to reflect the current year

A back-end cleanup will make your website load more quickly and guard against security hacks. We recommend that all back-end updates be made by your IT team or trained professionals because unforeseen issues may arise. As a precaution, be sure they save a backup of your entire site before making any major updates.

DON’T do it yourself spring cleaning

  • Update your content management system (CMS), themes and plugins to the latest version
  • Deactivate and remove old plugins or themes that are not in use
  • Free up space on your server by removing old files, such as newsletter archives from more than a year ago

Need help with front end or back end spring cleaning? Call Kim Landry at 484-829-0021 or email [email protected].

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