Confused about the social media options and trying to decide what to do? Read on.

Social media options have proliferated and it is difficult to know what the best social media option is for your company. Here’s a quick rundown on the strengths and applications of social media  to help you decide where to invest your organization’s time and money.

Facebook: With over a billion users, Facebook has the largest audience. Be here if you sell directly to consumers. Post at least three times a week. Set a minimum threshold for post reach and pay enough to boost each post so that you get that reach. For $5 to $25 you can get a post into the News Feed of a few hundred to a few thousand users. Use Facebook’s great targeting tool to put your paid posts in front of the right people.

Twitter: This site is best for building a personal following, so it benefits celebrities, consultants, journalists and gurus of all kinds. Media reporters monitor Twitter, so use it to seek media attention. Tweet at least once a day and take part in relevant Twitter conversations, or you’ll never gain any traction. Pay for Promoted Tweets if you want to reach users who do not Follow your page.

LinkedIn: For companies that sell to the business world, this site is essential. Post relevant content at least once a week and use the site’s networking tools to build relationships. Pay money for a premium Business Plus account to send “InMail” messages to people who are not Connections and get access to advanced search features. Pay for Sponsored Posts if you want them shown to people who are not Connections.

Google+: Create an account even though this site is periodically reported to be clinging to Google life support, because it continues to be a major contributor to Google search results for businesses. Fill out your entire profile, but until further notice, you don’t need to post content if you don’t already have followers on this site. Stay tuned, though. With Google’s online power, the relative importance of posting on this site could change.

The rest: Businesses don’t need to spend time posting on smaller, consumer-oriented sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram or Houzz unless a site is pulling in your niche audience; for example, Instagram for photographers and Houzz for interior designers.

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