Nobody likes this guy, the pushy car sales men. Instead, sell for the way you like to buy.What do the following statistics say to you?

  • More than 200 million Americans have registered on the FTC’s “Do Not Call” list — that’s two-thirds of U.S. residents (Federal Trade Commission)
  • 86% of people watching pre-recorded television shows always fast forward through the ads (YouGov research for Deloitte)
  • The current average click-through rate for online display ads is 0.11% for standard media, 0.06% for rich media (DoubleClick by Google)

To us, these statistics confirm the maxim that people like to buy, but dislike being sold to. What does that mean for businesses, which have to sell their products or services to survive? It means stop selling and focus instead on helping people buy.

That should be simple because other people buy the same way you do. When you want or need something costly, you seek out reliable information about it. You seek out evidence as to which of the businesses you could buy it from can be trusted to deliver on their promises. By the time you are ready to purchase the product or service, you are well informed and feel confident that you are buying from the right company.

To help people buy from your business, demonstrate that you are a source of reliable information by offering it freely in person, in your newsletter, on your website, in your blog and in your marketing collateral. Help potential customers learn to trust you by acting with integrity, sharing client testimonials and references, winning industry awards and getting involved in the community.

If you are selling for the way you like to buy, other people will buy from you.

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