One of these welders is likely to go home with burned hair.

Look at these promotional photos from two companies that sell safety gear for female welders:

The woman on the left looks super cute in her welding suit. However, real female welders — and there are many of them — see her and laugh. Welders know that if she put on her helmet and tried to work in her current state, her long, free-flowing, hair-sprayed locks would catch fire and her exposed neck would get burned by sparks. This ad photo seems aimed at people who want to buy professional welding gear, but don’t actually have any interest in welding safely. Must be some sort of a niche market.

The two women in the photo on the right look like they really are about to go weld stuff. Their hair is tied back and one has a welding cap on. Both are sporting safety glasses because keeping their eyesight is more important to them than looking cute while they work. Given the other safety precautions they’ve taken, we’re pretty sure that they will button up to cover their necks before the sparks fly. In short, they look competent. And that’s how real female welders want to look.

  • DO consider your audience when selecting promotional photos. Ask yourself, what is most important to the buyer? Better yet, test your photo choices with a sample set of target buyers by asking which image would more likely motivate them to purchase this type of product or service.
  • DO have a technical advisor on hand at the photo shoot to make sure that your product is being used correctly and convincingly. All the woman on the left needed to do to go from laughable to plausible was fasten her collar and protect her hair. Viola, you have instantly better promotional photos.

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