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Website Redesign

Pixel perfect website redesign

Client’s Challenge

Allied Pixel is a digital studio specializing in video production, website development and live webcasting. A team of filmmakers creates about 100 productions per year, ranging from web videos to documentaries and independent feature films. A team of developers builds and maintains responsive websites and executes local and global HD webcasts.

When Allied Pixel leaders decided the company’s website needed refreshing, they could have decided to handle the redesign in-house. Instead, they weighed the advantages of a fresh, outside perspective and chose to partner with Hollister Creative for the user interface design. Allied Pixel’s skilled developers handled all of the back end functionality.

The challenge was to make a good website great with a more of-the-moment design, an enhanced user experience and more calls to action.

Our Solution

We achieved a more contemporary design by streamlining the visual presentation to eliminate clutter and by using modern body and headline fonts.

The home page slider previously featured images from various client projects. Each one aligned with the client brand, but clashed with the Allied Pixel brand expressed in the look-and-feel of the overall home page design. The new slider is comprised of crisp black-and-white images showing Allied Pixel’s people at work. As each different image comes up, it harmonizes with the ultra-clean, black-white-and-green composition of the page.

To improve the user experience, we created bold buttons with icons to guide visitors from the home page to Allied Pixel’s three main services pages. We also utilized sidebars to serve up secondary navigation menus. And we reorganized the company’s extensive portfolio of client work into categories that align with the three main services.

Recognizing that the first question some visitors will ask is “Have you worked with organizations like mine?” we highlighted the firm’s four major client categories: higher education, business, healthcare and nonprofit. To encourage visitors to engage with Allied Pixel, we added calls to actions as bright green boxes in the sidebar of each page.

Client Comment

The team at Hollister was absolutely terrific. They asked insightful questions, provided thoughtful, smart advice and created a gorgeous website design. On top of that, they were just plain great to work with. I could not be happier with the end result, or with our experience partnering with Hollister Creative.
– Bill Haley, President, Allied Pixel

Three Quick Tips

If you are challenged to create a user interface design, here are three suggestions to help you:

  • Stick with one brand: yours. Many types of businesses are tempted to highlight client work on the home page. If this makes sense for your business, find a way to do it without putting client branding in competition with yours. The home page is a place for visitors to experience your brand in a singularly powerful way.
  • Make your portfolio purposeful. Without a firm structure, portfolios can grow organically as you add new work or get organized by a default such as the date each piece was posted. Help users navigate your portfolio by figuring out the arrangement that would be most intuitive for them. The categories might be work type, client type or something else.
  • Ask visitors to take action. Business owners tend to think it is obvious they want website visitors to contact the company. But only the most motivated visitors will make contact without being asked. So make the ask, make it prominent but not pushy, and most of all, make it easy: One click from the ask to a very brief contact form that generates an email.

Challenges and Solutions are mini case studies that include tips you may find helpful if you are facing a similar challenge. View more Challenges and Solutions on the Hollister Creative website. If you are facing a marketing challenge, call 484.829.0021 or email Kim Landry.