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Creative Benefits

Website needed to catch up with rapidly evolving firm

Client’s Challenge

Employee benefits is a different business than it was 10 years ago, when the required skill set boiled down to being a good insurance broker. Since then, huge annual increases in health insurance costs, combined with wrenching changes in federal regulations, have transformed the role companies need their benefits firm to play.

The leadership team at Creative Benefits, Inc. has been out front on these changes, rapidly evolving its business model and operations from broker to consulting firm. That means strategizing with clients; advising them on one of their largest capital expenditures; and integrating with client HR teams to ensure their plan is competitive, compliant, cost-controlled and customized for their needs.

In the all-out effort to stay out front as a business, the firm’s website got left behind. It looked a decade out of date, was not mobile-friendly and not optimized for search. Unless you stopped to read the blog, you might think this dynamic firm was stuck in the past.

We knew the truth because content specialists at Hollister Creative had been helping the firm display its thought leadership in blog articles about Regulatory Compliance, Family Medical Leave and Benefits Solutions. Through that work, we had gained a deep understanding of who they were and what they did. When a new website got to the top of the Creative Benefits To Do list, Hollister Creative was the obvious choice to do it.

Our Solution

Creating a new website is always exciting, but especially so when it replaces a site that has long since failed to do justice to a great company. First, we collaborated with Creative Benefits to review all their content. They provided up-to-date information. We suggested new messaging to more clearly convey the firm’s value to clients.

We built the new site on the flexible, search-friendly WordPress platform, which gave us unlimited freedom to design a uniquely branded site, as well as plug-and-play options for adding functionality to engage visitors. Using WordPress also gave Creative Benefits a simple yet powerful content management system.

People are the stars of this business, so we paid special attention to the Team page. Creative Benefits leaders wanted their new website to literally show a new face to the business community: the faces of the people who are on the phone collaborating with clients, educating them, gaining insights about their challenges and helping them when issues arise.

For the blog, we added search functionality and the ability to tag each article by topic so that related articles are shown automatically. We also added social sharing buttons that encourage readers to interact and share the firm’s expertise with HR decision makers who are struggling to navigate employee benefits.

Client Comment

“I have been spending a lot of time enjoying our new home page. In seconds, a visitor knows what we do and gets a feel for the personality of the company. I don’t have to wonder what took us so long to get here. I know. The challenge for us was finding time to focus on the website. Hollister Creative brought the focus, accommodated our crazy schedules, and guided us over the finish line.”

— Lisa Wanner, Director of Innovation & Client Solutions, Creative Benefits, Inc.

Three Quick Tips

Not sure if your website is outdated? Consider these questions:

  • Is your website responsive? If your website is not mobile friendly, the pressure is on to upgrade, ASAP! More people are searching the web from their mobile devices than from desktops. A website that doesn’t render properly on all screens is turning prospects away.
  • Is your website being found in search? Turn off location based results, then try searching as a prospect would, using keywords related to a business like yours. Does your company come up on the 1st page, the 2nd, the 22nd? It matters, because your prospects go about as deep into search results as you do (i.e., not very deep).
  • Is your website an accurate reflection of your current business? Companies that want to stay in business are constantly evolving. While your employees are aware of the shift, no one on the outside will know about your updated offerings if they aren’t reflected on your public-facing website.