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Mobile Friendly

A website update makes CCI Consulting mobile-friendly

Client’s Challenge

For nearly 30 years, CCI Consulting has been solving the talent challenges facing company leaders. The largest independent human resources consulting firm in the Mid-Atlantic, CCI helps companies fill critical executive roles, improve the performance of key individuals and teams, assist with outplacement and implement best practices in HR.

CCI’s expert consultants are able to deliver strategies, solutions and services for all stages of the employee life cycle because they deeply understand the relationships among leaders and employees in ever-changing companies. Their goal is to optimize the talent in a client company.

In many of the companies it serves, CCI begins that process by optimizing the employee experience. So it’s not surprising that when turning their attention to improving their company website, CCI leaders could see that the user experience was less than optimal.

They reached out to Hollister Creative for a user experience (UX) makeover.

Our Solution

CCI’s old website was not mobile-friendly. The company was rightly concerned about losing potential customers who were viewing the site on tablets and smartphones. We started with the overall architecture of the site, optimizing it for mobile devices.

Next, we focused on simplifying the main navigation, consolidating many top-nav links into just four, placed front and center in a clean header area. To highlight the call to action – Contact Us – we made it a brightly colored button. We also placed the phone number and email address in a bar of the same color, above the header.

Turning our attention to interior pages, we redesigned the sidebar areas, enhancing their value for visitors and for CCI. We added sub-navigation for ease of use, especially on mobile devices. And we added page-specific calls to action, asking visitors if they were facing the kind of challenge addressed on that page.

Lastly, to help users navigate the blog area, we tagged each blog by topic category, made the posts searchable, added links for easier navigation between blog topics and added links to related posts.

Client Comment

“We value the team at Hollister Creative because they are easy to work with, they worked hard to get to know us and they do great work. The Hollister team has helped us to refine and align our branding efforts by creating a consistent look to both our suite of collateral materials and our website. Their expertise in graphic design and layout, coupled with their fresh perspective on messaging and content positioning, has helped CCI improve both brand awareness and brand equity. Outsourcing our marketing efforts has helped us to improve quality while enabling us to refocus our efforts on supporting clients and growing our practice.”
– Brian Clapp, Chief Operating Officer, CCI Consulting

Three Quick Tips

If you are facing a challenge to improve website usability, here are three suggestions:

  1. Design responsively. CCI’s original website was not mobile-friendly. Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s website instead. Responsive design is a must.
  2. Make navigation painless. Every user appreciates a simple, well-organized website that makes it easy to find the information they came for. Give the user obvious ways to access your content through the main navigation, through supplemental links in a sidebar and by serving up critical links to put your best footer forward.
  3. Use the real estate wisely. Sidebars are often under-utilized real estate on a web page. Use them to add sub-navigation menus, calls to action, download buttons, testimonials or forms.