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Marketing collateral in two formats: a trifold brochure and a sales sheet

Two pieces, same content, different purposes. Click the link to view or download the trifold brochure or the sales sheet.

For member recruitment: a trifold or a sales sheet?

Client’s Challenge

Rebranding a long-established association with more than 1,000 members stirs up a lot of feelings. First there was a new logo to get used to, then a new graphic identity that altered the look and feel of the website and internal newsletters. And then the new brand needed new words to describe the association’s value to prospective members.

This was the situation when Beacon — formerly GPSEG, the Greater Philadelphia Senior Executives Group — came to Hollister Creative for help with design and content for member recruitment collateral.

There were several challenges: (1) Write clear, succinct and compelling brochure copy that put the new brand into words, (2) design the first print implementation of the new visual branding, and (3) create the recruitment piece in two formats: a trifold brochure and a flyer.

Our Solution

The biggest challenge turned out to be the writing. Internal efforts to describe in writing the qualities that make Beacon different from other networking associations had fallen short. Fortunately, Beacon leaders realized that the best advertisement for membership is to hear members talk about their Beacon experience. They ordered up a video of exactly that.

The testimonial video, “I Am Beacon,” was just the kind of input we needed to grasp the specialness of this organization and transform it into engaging text. Members spoke with clarity and feeling, a blend many people struggle to achieve when they are writing. Because the members really are Beacon, and vice versa, we used snippets from the testimonials as brochure content.

We weren’t concerned about the design. Our designers excel at expressing a visual brand in print. They also are accustomed to creating essentially the same piece as a trifold brochure and as a flyer or sales sheet. That’s because we often recommend doing both when clients ask which format is better.

Client Comment

“You have no idea how much easier you folks are making my life … and I get a chance to learn from you as well. I love it!”
– Diane James, Executive Director, Beacon

Three Quick Tips

Consider the pros and cons of a trifold brochure or sales sheet before deciding whether one or the other – or both – is best for your needs.

  • Choose a trifold if you want to mail the piece in an envelope or you want people to pick it up from a display table or your reception desk. When at an event, a trifold is easier to pass out than a flyer, more comfortable to hold and more convenient to tuck into a purse or pocket. But if you want to email a .pdf file, or make one available for downloading from your website, trifolds are confusing. The six panels don’t appear in the order in which they are meant to be read.
  • Choose a sales sheet if you want to email the piece as an attachment or put it on your website as a .pdf file that visitors can view online or download and print from their desktop.
  • Choose to do both if you are unsure of how it will be used or if you want the flexibility to share the same information in multiple ways. Reformatting the content of a trifold as a double-sided 8.5” x 11” flyer is always possible because both have the exact same amount of space.

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