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Tips on creating an effective fundraising brochure

The Philadelphia Bar Foundation supports a network of non-profit agencies that provide pro bono services to people who can’t pay for the legal advice or representation they need. In the past, the foundation raised funds primarily through benefit events. When the board set ambitious four-year goals involving individual philanthropy to propel the Bar Foundation from good to great, a key part of those efforts was creating a fundraising brochure: the Bar Foundation’s “Case for Support.”

An effective fundraising brochure has several key elements:

  1. Writing and design that work together to present the organization’s work in a clear, compelling way and demonstrate why it deserves charitable support.
  2. Messages and images that align the interests of the target audience (in this case, lawyers) with the organization’s philanthropic activities. For example, you might go for warm and fuzzy if you were asking pet owners to donate to an animal shelter. A request for lawyers to donate to a Bar Foundation calls for messages and images that are bold yet dignified.
  3. Ruthless editing to keep the text brief and on-point. (A Hollister Creative editor worked closely with the Bar Foundation to identify the essential elements of the “Case” and present them in short copy blocks.)
  4. Display type that meets this acid test: If the target donor reads only the display type, he/she will get all of the most important information.
  5. A design concept that amplifies a central theme (in this case, conveying how lawyers connect through philanthropy while suggesting with defined empty blocks that new donors are needed and welcome).

Hollister Creative is proud to have won a Communicator Award for the Philadelphia Bar Foundation’s “Case for Support.”


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