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Three ways to get people to actually read your company’s newsletter

The leaders of Northampton Nursery and Northampton Building Solutions enjoy helping homeowners beautify their properties with landscaping, hardscaping, outdoor living spaces, home improvements and additions. It’s a labor of love. But they did not love struggling to write and design their email newsletter, Tailgate Talk. That was just plain labor.

They knew the e-newsletter was an important marketing tool for their business. They wanted it to get done more frequently than they could manage on their own. They found out about the turnkey e-news and website management packages that Hollister Creative offers and decided to outsource.

The new Tailgate Talk was designed to match the branding of Northampton Nursery’s existing website. The content provides timely, valuable tips on Landscaping, Home Improvement, and Living Green & Well.

Done well, an email newsletter is an economical and powerful way for a business to stay connected with current customers and cultivate new ones. Done poorly, it gets deleted from the in-box, wasting your time and money.

To beat the delete button:

  • Provide content that your target audience will choose to read. Share your knowledge in ways they will appreciate. Enlighten. Entertain. Do not make a sales pitch.
  • Make the format inviting and easy to navigate. The branding should match your website, and like a website, your email newsletter design should make it easy for readers to quickly find the information that interests them.
  • Send the newsletter on a regular schedule. It builds reader loyalty and conveys that you are steady, reliable and ready to help them when they have a need for your services.