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Three tips for announcing you are rebranding your organization

Rebranding is a big decision. Once made, it sets an organization on a new course, and sets in motion a wave of changes: the logo, website, social media sites, stationery and marketing collateral. Before that wave hits the shore, the rebranded company needs to prepare its audiences for the coming change. Getting hit by a wave unexpectedly can knock people over. But when the company’s clients, partners, vendors and friends have been well prepared, the wave gently washes over them. Career Concepts, Inc. had been in business nearly 25 years when company leaders came to Hollister for the consulting and creative work they would need to begin a rebranding transition. The work culminated this month in the rollout of the company’s new identity as CCI Consulting. In the weeks leading up to the rollout, CCI and Hollister worked together to choose the right words, and the right media, with which to inform CCI’s audiences about the change. Here are some tips on telling your audiences that your company is rebranding.

  1. Handle with care because most people are wary of change and because the underlying message structure is tricky: “Hello, it’s me, the firm you’ve known and loved.” “Goodbye, old name, well known and once loved.” “Hello, me again, same firm, new name, more to love.”
  2. Say why it matters for your company and for your clients. Briefly explain the evolution that has made your company different from or better than it was. Briefly explain how this benefits clients.
  3. Use every channel to communicate this message so you are sure to reach all of your audiences before the rollout. Versions of your message can be created to fit a variety of mediums, from direct mail to email blasts to social media posts and news articles.


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