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Three telltale signs that you should update your logo and look

People dress to project their status and personality. So do companies. People dress in clothing. Companies dress in branding: the logo, colors, typefaces and design styles that adorn their business cards, brochures and websites.

Just as people need to update their look over time, successful companies often outgrow their branding as they mature. At some point the leaders realize that the branding isn’t as current, smart, distinctive or sophisticated as the company itself. When they come to us for a makeover, they don’t just want something new and different. They want the kind of makeover that will elevate their brand.

That’s what brought Berman Voss to Hollister Creative. This innovative law firm practices exclusively in the area of workers’ compensation. Founded in 2001 by Thomas Berman and Sandra Voss, the firm prides itself on “exceeding the expectations of sophisticated clients,” which include private employers, governmental entities, insurance companies and third-party administrators. After 13 years in business, the partners challenged Hollister Creative to not only update the firm’s branding, but also ensure that all Berman Voss materials express the sophistication that its attorneys possess and its clientele demands.

Inside the firm’s new pocket folder, Berman Voss can present a business card, perhaps a letter, and print collateral such as the booklet describing the firm’s expertise in workers’ compensation law and the smaller square brochure profiling the firm’s highly qualified partners and attorneys.

Think it may be time for a branding makeover? Here are three things to consider:

  • How old is your branding? If it was designed 10 years ago, the look is almost certainly dated. Colors and typefaces go out of style, just as clothing and home furnishings do. If you have doubts, ask clients, employees, vendors, business acquaintances and friends to rate your logo either “classic, keep it” or “dated, ditch it.”
  • Are you still proud of it? If you feel hesitant about handing over your business card, mailing out your brochure or telling prospects to visit your website, it is time for a change. Only damage can be done by branding that gives prospects the wrong impression about your company – whether that is “old school,” “amateur” or “mom-n-pop-shop.”
  • Is it on par with the competition? Compare your branding to that of your current competitors. And if you are ambitious, compare it to the branding of companies you aspire to compete with as well. If the competition comes across as “bigger,” and you don’t want to be perceived as “smaller,” then a makeover to elevate your brand is in order. (Caveat: If the boutique nature of your firm is a selling point, “small” can be a positive quality.)


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