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Three reasons not
to do a flyer in-house

Donor support is hugely important to most nonprofits, and Rosemont School of the Holy Child is no exception. School leaders want to make sure donors feel appreciated. Among the ways that Rosemont School shows appreciation is by mailing donors a printed thank-you message showing how their generosity has helped the school.

At many nonprofits, creating a simple piece like this is done in-house, often by a non-designer using desktop publishing software or a ready-made template. With limited funds, the thinking goes, spend on core mission activities and major donor outreach initiatives such as a gala, annual report or glossy magazine. In short, why pay money for professional design when the piece is just a double-sided flyer and you could do it yourself?

Here’s why: Every communication from your organization is marketing your organization, for better or worse. The way it looks says something about you to stakeholders and anyone else who sees it. This spring, Rosemont School decided to say thank you in a flyer that projected genuine gratitude from a high-quality institution run by true professionals.

Here are three messages each communication should be conveying with its design:

  1. You are important to us, and communicating with you is a privilege you grant us, so we take care to do it well.
  2. We value quality, and quality requires attention to detail, so we pay attention.
  3. We are professionals, and we want to be seen that way, so we take pride in projecting a professional image in everything we send out.


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