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Sale Sheet Creation

Strategies for updating sales sheets

Client’s Challenge

Sales sheets are an important part of the collateral used by manufacturing companies like Precision AirConvey (PAC). Salespeople like to have them to guide conversations with prospects. Prospects expect to receive them as an introductory piece or a leave-behind after the sales call.

Over the years, PAC amassed a collection of more than 20 sales sheets for various aspects of the trim and matrix removal systems it designs and builds. As time went on, more and more of the print collateral lost its usefulness. Some of the information became outdated. Some of the photos showed older versions of current equipment. All of the sheets needed a redesign to match the company’s current branding.

PAC challenged Hollister Creative to collaborate with its internal team on an overhaul that would result in up-to-date information, photos and branding for every sales sheet – in a form that could be emailed or printed in small quantities. In short, company leaders asked us to make their sales collateral work for them again.

Our Solution

Knowing there would be upwards of 20 pieces, we started by looking at the elements common to all the old sales sheets. Then we developed a highly flexible template. It was built on a grid that could accommodate all of the known elements in varying sizes and combinations, while displaying consistent PAC branding.

Visually, our aim was flexibility within consistency. Each piece had to stand on its own, while looking like part of a whole when presented in combination with other pieces.

Our aim in arranging content within each piece was to engage the reader and move him or her along the sales journey from the big-picture solution, to the main features and benefits, to the nitty-gritty specs and details that seal the deal.

Client Comment

Working with Hollister to get our collateral updated and appealing was an easy choice. Kim and her team invested their time at the beginning of our relationship to gain an understanding of what we do, how we do it, and most importantly our unique sales process. Knowing our need for speed in responding to inquiries, Hollister gave us documents that we can share instantly in email and on the web, as well as the option to print a minimal number as needed. This flexibility is key for PAC as we reach a new growth period both internally and externally.
– Sarah Maietta, Marketing Manager, Precision AirConvey

Precision AirConvey Sell Sheets

Three Quick Tips

If you are faced with updating one or more sales sheets, here are three tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep the brand front and center. The prospect’s decision will be based more on the reputation of the company than the particulars of the solution. So use the logo, colors and any distinctive artistic element consistently across the collateral to connect the prospect with the brand.
  • Insist on crisp copy and photos. Even the best design cannot carry a sales sheet that is vague, wordy or burdened by lackluster photos. A successful piece has short, attention-grabbing headlines, body copy that addresses the prospect’s pain points in bite-size chunks, and high-quality pictures that show off the products to best advantage.
  • Accent the buying triggers. Whatever the product, certain pieces of content are crucial in communicating the value proposition. It might be a testimonial that inspires trust, a table or graph that displays convincing data, or a point so important it needs to be amplified in display type.

Don’t forget to include the obvious: contact information and a call to action.

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