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Rodel Foundation of Delaware

Who they are

The Rodel Foundation of Delaware was founded in 1999 to help Delaware build one of the best school systems in the world. To that end, the foundation works on three main initiatives: policy, seed funding and partnerships.

  1. Rodel promotes policy changes that can have a huge impact statewide, such as raising academic standards, using timely data to make decisions and investing in early learning.
  2. Rodel provides seed funding to innovative, potentially high-impact initiatives.
  3. Rodel creates and leads diverse statewide partnerships that catalyze action, including Vision 2015, one of the most enduring and effective public-private partnerships of its kind in the country.

In all of these efforts, Rodel seeks to support the communities, educators, policymakers and others who are doing the hard work necessary to build a school system that graduates students with the knowledge, skills and opportunities needed to flourish, create and lead responsibly.

To learn more, visit www.rodelfoundationde.org.

What we do for them

For this year’s annual report on Vision 2015, Rodel leaders wanted to demonstrate the project’s impact on Delaware education by spotlighting individuals who are delivering the kinds of changes set forth in the project’s six core goals.

They also wanted to present the information in an engaging and accessible design, and use the design to unify all of the collateral materials being produced for the annual Vision 2015 Conference on Education, held October 9, 2013.

Rodel presented that challenge to Hollister Creative. We have worked with Rodel on numerous projects over the past four years, and have done extensive work on other education reform efforts, including the national transition to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts.

Collaborating with Rodel leaders, Hollister Creative helped to shape the messaging and format for the annual report, and wrote profiles of six education leaders who have been bringing the Vision 2015 goals to life. The design incorporated a “connections” motif that linked the progress report on each goal to a personal profile that “put a face” on the groundbreaking policy initiatives.

Why they like us

“Here at the Rodel Foundation of Delaware, we have set our sights on helping Delaware create one of the finest systems of public education in the world by 2020. The next question from someone unfamiliar with us is, ‘Well, how will you do that?’ The team at Hollister Creative continues to help us answer that question — by telling the story of what is happening in Delaware and why it matters.

“Our work requires us to communicate with different audiences ranging from policymakers to educators. With that in mind, it is critical that the messages and stories regarding our work are engaging, straightforward and visually appealing.

“Hollister Creative has been a valuable thought partner, and has delivered high-quality products that support and enhance our efforts as we work to achieve our mission.”

— C.R. McLeod, Communications Director, Rodel Foundation