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Pennsylvania Coalition
of Public Charter Schools

Who they are

Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS) is the only statewide organization of charter schools and the most prolific voice for high quality charter education in Pennsylvania. PCPCS is also a leader in public education reform, dedicated to achieving choice for parents, quality for children and accountability for taxpayers.

In pursuit of those aspirations, PCPCS engages in three primary initiatives:

Advocacy. Active in Harrisburg, PCPCS advocates for legislation and administrative policies that provide accountability, transparency, equity and a level playing field for charters.

Driving standards and performance. PCPCS has developed a Code of Accountability and enforces adherence among member charter schools. The organization also works to create equitable measurement metrics, consistent forms and procedures and high-quality certification processes, as well as strong independent and district charter authorizers.

Providing support. PCPCS helps member schools improve through the sharing of best practices, professional development, “mind-swaps,” seminars, consulting, networking, resource databases and purchasing consortiums.

To learn more, visit, PAcharters.org.

What we do for them

PCPCS was seeking to heighten its impact when leaders came to Hollister Creative for help with the development of a distinctive graphic identity and design of several new print collateral pieces. In particular, PCPCS wanted to work with a creative team known for content-driven design that is clean and professional. So far, the work has included design and copyediting of a trifold capabilities brochure and a comprehensive introductory booklet on “How to Start a Charter School.”

Why they like us

“Hollister Creative worked to understand and meet our organization’s needs. The attention to detail was important, and Hollister Creative delivered finished products that we are proud to distribute.”

— Robert Fayfich, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools