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New website key part of firm’s evolution to stay on the leading edge

Talent Strategy Partners is a leadership development consulting firm. Historically, the firm focused on the role of company culture in leadership effectiveness. More recently, new research and the evolution of customer needs caused the firm to focus more on developing a pipeline of emerging leaders and meeting the particular needs of women in leadership.

Client’s Challenge

TSP leaders are accustomed to evolving so that their consulting practice stays at the forefront of the leadership development field. To fully embrace the recent shift, they knew they needed to change the way they talked about their business in person and on their website.

The website was old and did not have a content management system (CMS) that would have enabled them to update content themselves. They had to pay the developer every time they wanted something changed.

Long due for a new website, they decided this was the time to invest in one that would clearly state their new value proposition, portray their new service offerings, and give them all the tools needed to continue updating content as needed.

Our Solution

TSP leaders chose Hollister Creative to create their new website. During discovery conversations, we agreed it would be best to start with a brand messaging engagement to clarify the new value proposition and related positioning statements.

When the messaging work was completed, it provided a firm foundation for the website page content they would write and the blog posts that would be central to their new content marketing plan.

Our design team worked with TSP to create a custom, mobile-friendly, WordPress website. We organized the sitemap to ensure visitors would immediately grasp what the company does and easily navigate to the different services it offers. The clean, modern design provided a major update to the look and feel of the site. In the final step of our website development process, we trained TSP leaders to use the WordPress CMS. As you can imagine, they were very enthusiastic students!

Client Comment

“In our 16 years in business, our goal has been to have our website reflect the evolution of our consulting practice and our thinking. We chose to work with Hollister Creative on the ‘fourth generation’ of our website, and what a great decision that was. Kim Landry and Georgette Klotz kicked off the redesign effort by meeting with us and really getting to understand our business. Kim’s very first draft of suggestions for our value proposition and supporting messages was spot on!  She “got us” — the heart and value of us — in a way that was far ahead of anyone we had worked with before. Georgette’s guidance that we look at other websites and tell her what we liked and didn’t like about them made the design process quick and efficient. Her advice to keep our content short and to-the-point was worth its weight in gold. As a result, we have a website that is not only crisp and clean in design, but gets our messages across clearly and simply. And the process of getting there wasn’t at all painful — they made it easy and they made it fun!”

— Patricia Schaefer and Carol Mitchell, Principals, Talent Strategy Partners

Three Quick Tips

If your business has evolved, here are three tips to help you determine if a website update is needed.

  1. Take time to step back. Look at your business from an outside perspective. Does your website show prospects the business as it currently is, or as it was the last time you updated the site? If the branding, messaging and service offerings are out of date, it is time for a refresh.
  2. Keep the content up to date. Even if you can’t afford a redesign, you can keep your website text and photos up to date if your website has a content management system (CMS). If your site doesn’t have a CMS, you can pay a developer to make updates for you or bite the bullet and replace the old site with a new one that has a modern, easy-to-use CMS.
  3. If you don’t have a blog, add one. Blogging regularly adds current content to your site, portrays your company as a knowledge leader and generates content to be used across other channels, such as social media. It is also an essential tool for SEO because every post creates a new searchable page on your website. In many cases, a blog can be incorporated into an existing site. If that is not possible, a linked blog is better than no blog at all.