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National School Climate Center

Who they are

The National School Climate Center (NSCC) is a nonprofit organization that helps schools create safe and supportive school environments for students and adults. NSCC provides guidelines, programs and services that support the integration of social, emotional and civic learning along with academic instruction. Working with schools across the country for more than a decade, NSCC has shown that helping all members of a school community improve their school climate can reduce drop-out rates, violence and bullying. As a result, the adults become more engaged and student achievement rises. To learn more, visit SchoolClimate.org.

What we do for them

NSCC teamed up with the Broadway musical WICKED to create a “Stand Up to Bullying” educational program as part of its nationwide BullyBust prevention campaign. NSCC and WICKED hired Hollister Creative to develop, design and help distribute materials nationally to schools and newspapers that want to make a commitment to end bullying. This free program for middle school students brings the anti-bullying message to life through the inspiring story and characters of WICKED and raises awareness about the harmful effects of bullying on victims, bystanders and bullies themselves. The program materials (which also may be adapted for upper elementary and high school students) show students how to take a stand against bullying by becoming “upstanders” — people who take action when bullying occurs instead of holding back as bystanders. To learn more, visit SchoolClimate.org/BullyBust.

Why they like us

“The team at Hollister Creative were incredibly professional, skilled and supportive of our BullyBust “Stand Up to Bullying” supplement. Even before the contract was confirmed, they were offering advice and guidance that helped shape what our ultimate product became. They offered clear expertise on layout and design that ensured our content popped on the page and added key sidebars and a framing article to the supplement that tied the entire project together well. Their thoughtful, informed perspective was truly valued at all stages, and their good humor, flexibility with shifting time-lines and creativity were much appreciated by our small nonprofit team.”

— Darlene Faster, COO and Director of  Communications