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Michigan K.I.D.S. and Detroit Newspapers in Education

Who they are

Michigan K.I.D.S. is the non-profit umbrella and fund-raising organization for the educational programming of Detroit Newspapers In Education. The acronym of its name stands for “Knowledge and Information Delivered to Students.” In a time of limited resources, it has become an indispensable source of educational materials for Detroit and Michigan schools. Michigan K.I.D.S., its partners and its sponsors provide special curriculum guides for teachers, themed educational sections for students and classroom posters that brighten and enlighten school instruction. The program also provides delivery of print and electronic newspapers to extend literacy instruction with contemporary texts.

What we do for them

Hollister Kids is the education division of Hollister Creative and a custom creator of teaching and outreach materials for cultural institutions and Newspaper In Education programs. For more than 10 years, we have created award-winning educational programs and materials for Michigan K.I.D.S. and Detroit Newspapers In Education. The programs have helped build academic skills, ethnic awareness and civic engagement, and have enabled Michigan K.I.D.S. to build valuable relationships with sponsors ranging from the philanthropic Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services, to cultural institutions like the Michigan Science Center, to sports teams like the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Pistons and Red Wings.

Why they like us

“Hollister Kids is a valued partner of Michigan K.I.D.S. and Detroit Newspapers In Education. Working together we have created award-winning supplements, eye-catching educational posters and online resources that gain the respect of sponsors and accolades from teachers.”

— Sharon Martin, Manager of Detroit Newspapers In Education