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Making the case with your messaging

Client’s Challenge

Clarion Medical Ambulance has both larger and smaller competitors in the non-emergency medical transportation business: driving people who may be handicapped or medically vulnerable to and from nursing homes, hospitals, doctor’s offices, physical therapists and more.

In this business, the primary customers are healthcare administrators whose job is to arrange transportation for patients. As each patient queues up, the administrator typically must call multiple medical transport companies to find one that accepts the patient’s insurance and has the appropriate type of vehicle, staffed by properly qualified personnel and available within an acceptable time window. The experience can involve a lot of difficulty, delay and frustration.

With that in mind, Clarion’s founders designed a business model that makes medical transportation a routinely positive experience for patients and administrators. But Clarion’s messaging, on its website and collateral, did not explain the business model in a way that would make the case for Clarion as the best solution.

Clarion President Stan Gitin came to Hollister Creative for help with messaging as well as a redesign of the website to better align it with the brand’s helpful, professional, problem-solving personality.

Our Solution

Working closely with Gitin, we started by segmenting Clarion’s customers into six types, identifying the needs of each type, then crafting the messages that clearly convey how Clarion’s business model provides value to each. The overall value proposition emerged from the common threads.

The next step was to present Clarion’s messages effectively on its website. This required a more welcoming design and a new sitemap with two goals: to simplify navigation for visitors and to serve the search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Each customer type got its own page, as did each of the six transport services Clarion offers. Clarion is now more visible online, whether the searcher’s query aims to find one specific transport service or a company that offers the full range of transport services needed by a healthcare provider.

We designed the home page to immediately answer the question “Why Clarion?” then give each of the six customer types an obvious entry point to the content describing how Clarion serves them. Visitors who want to navigate immediately to the pages about specific transport services can do so from the main menu or the page footer. In addition, the side menu on each customer segment page has links to all pages describing transport services of interest to that type of customer.

Client Comment

We were looking for more focused messaging and Hollister Creative came through in a big way,” Gitin said. “They not only helped define the company branding, but really understood and communicated the essence of Clarion Medical. They really helped the company find its voice and niche and we’re already seeing results in terms of new and happy customers.

Three Quick Tips

If you are facing the challenge of making a case with your messaging, here is some advice that may help:

  • Identify your customers and their pains. Who buys your services and what problems are you solving for them? Your messaging has to demonstrate that you know them and understand what they need.
  • Segment your audiences by their goals. All the people coming to your website want something, but they don’t all want the same thing. Give each segment an obvious entry point to the content that addresses their goals.
  • Clearly answer the “why you?” question. Forget the empty clichés about highest quality and best customer service. State the facts. What is it about your business model that results in a superior customer experience?

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