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Logo Design

A logo update to fit a growing company’s changing identity

Client’s Challenge: An Outdated Logo

Mazda Miles, the owner of Perfection Events, Inc., came to us for help with her company logo. She knew she needed a logo update but wasn’t sure what she wanted.

Perfection Events develops large-scale events for corporate and nonprofit clients. By “large-scale,” we mean huge events like the Delegates Reception at Democratic National Convention and the Philadelphia Marathon Health and Fitness Summit.

But Perfection Events’ logo — a frilly, pink “PE” flanked by the words “Perfection” and “Events” — was totally at odds with the scale and size of the company’s accomplishments and image.

Furthermore, when the size of the logo was reduced, the words “Perfection” and “Events” became unreadable.

Miles came to us asking for a striking, edgy, clean and memorable logo that aligned with her company’s personality. She also asked us to integrate the full company name into the logo so it could be used as a square social media icon.

Our Solution: A Logo Update

Our first step was to darken the colors of the LOGO to make them pop off of a white background.

Miles had just completed a redesign of her company website that incorporated slate green and a deep purple. She liked the website colors so much she asked us to use them in her new logo.

The designs we provided all had versions where the company name would be readable even when the logo was reduced in size.

We eliminated the initials and used a circle for its many layers of meaning. The two halves of the circle represented the coming together of Perfection Event’s team and the client teams to form one entity when working on projects. The circle also represented PE’s commitment to completing the project cycle—their projects go “full circle. The circle also represents the company’s holistic approach to event planning and execution.

We also made the company name large and used an easy-to-read modern font. Now, the word “Perfection” is literally front and center and easy to see, in all uses and sizes.

Client Comment

My previous logo was centered around the scripted PE, but what did PE mean anywhere else? Nothing. What we are known for is Perfection. I wanted to drive that home. When I pass out a card or brand anything, I want the word ‘Perfection’ to pop into the person’s mind. Our new logo accomplishes that. Did I mention we love it? I’ll say it again … we love it!!!!!!
— Mazda Miles, President, Perfection Events

Three Quick Tips for a Logo Update

If you are considering a logo update, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Readability is key: Perfection Events brand re-do was driven by a simple issue, which was that the mark was not readable in a majority of circumstances. When deciding on a new brand, make sure it works in all sizes, when surrounded by or on top of all kinds of colors, and use fonts that are simple and easily legible.
  2. Easy recognition, no confusion: Consider a version where your logo focuses on the WORDS versus the initials. Think about other meanings people could assign to logo initials. Do the initials spell anything? Mean something? Do people get it? If not, you could going down a path that isn’t good for your brand.
  3. Brevity: If you are looking to make the perfect logo, keep things simple, to the point and memorable.