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Better Customer Experience

Investing in a better customer experience

Client’s Challenge

Financial Integrity Resources Management (FIRM) is a financial services company that helps individuals and institutions preserve and create wealth through retirement planning, insurance, actuarial consulting and financial planning.

FIRM had a brochure about the company’s managed portfolio services. The brochure’s purpose was to explain why people benefit from professional investment advice, how the managed portfolio process works and the different ways portfolios are assembled based on the client’s risk tolerance.

FIRM leaders were happy with the content of their brochure, but thought it could benefit from a redesign that would improve the customer experience. They challenged Hollister Creative to make the brochure more inviting and intuitive for people navigating through the information.

Our Solution

Because the topic of financial planning makes many people feel overwhelmed, we wanted the brochure design to be clean, simple and non-threatening. To achieve this, we included plenty of white space and used a friendly, sans-serif font.

To maintain brand consistency, we took into consideration the look and feel of FIRM’s website and its other brochures and flyers, all of which use the green and tan color scheme of the FIRM logo. Then we added some brighter greens and blues as pop colors to enhance the appeal and readability of the charts and graphs.

Finally, we changed the size of the brochure from a standard 8.5″ x 11″ to a square. The square shape mimics the FIRM logo and feels more welcoming to hold and flip through.

Three Quick Tips

If you are faced with the challenge of redesigning an old marketing piece, try these tips:

  1. Consider the audience mindset. Who are the end users and what are they likely to be thinking and feeling when handed the brochure? If you can settle on a word that identifies the mindset, such as “overwhelmed,” you can design the piece to hit the right emotional note.
  2. Don’t stray far from the established brand. When giving a piece a makeover, stick to the main colors and fonts already in use. New collateral should look related to older pieces. If your client’s goal is to update the brand, decide together if this will be done gradually, piece by piece, or all at once.
  3. Find a way to make it stand out. Standard sizes are often chosen because they are the least expensive. However, a designer who understands the cost drivers in the printing process can suggest an alternative size, shape, texture or fold that makes your piece stand out at minimal additional cost.