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Immediate collateral need became brand refresh opportunity

Client’s Challenge

Dentists and orthodontists use orthodontic appliances to align and straighten patients’ teeth and improve their dental health. Bryn Mawr Orthodontic Lab (BMOL) manufactures those orthodontic appliances. Many are stock items. But others, such as retainers, are manufactured to precise measurements and custom specifications.

BMOL had a loyal customer base, thanks to its high quality standards and customer service ethic.  But co-owner Chris Gajewski is ambitious and anxious to grow the business. When he came to Hollister Creative, he was eager to begin doing the hard work of calling on all of the dentists and orthodontists in the Philadelphia area to introduce his lab.

What had held him back was BMOL’s sales materials. They had a dated look, and the information in them was out of date as well. Chris had thought he could design new sales materials himself, but he had been struggling with the designs without success. To meet his own standards, the materials had to make an excellent first impression.

Our Solution

While print collateral was the immediate need, we began the engagement by looking at the BMOL brand overall, from the logo to the website. The challenge turned out to be bigger than a brochure because the branding was inconsistent and overdue for a refresh.

Together with Chris, we decided to turn BMOL’s immediate need into a moment of opportunity. We would refresh the entire brand identity in our redesign of one urgently needed collateral piece. Once Chris approved that design, we would gradually apply it across all media over time, as BMOL’s budget allowed.

The work started with redesigning the BMOL logo. Our goal was a fresh look that remained recognizable to current clients. To unify the various print and web materials, we developed a signature background texture. To update the color scheme, we added a bit of blue to complement the distinctive BMOL green.

While each printed piece was designed to stand on its own, Chris told us he often needs to show a prospect multiple pieces at once. For that, we designed a folder and gave it a soft satin finish that conveys an upscale image and feels special in the recipient’s hand. Now any combination of the brochures, price chart, color chart, catalog, flyers and cover letter looks organized and cohesive.

Client Comment

“I was pulling my hair out trying to make stuff work myself, not thinking that I could afford a professional marketing company. I put in an entire week’s vacation trying to learn InDesign and by the end of the week, and eight pots of coffee, I was nowhere. Then I found Hollister Creative and they made my headaches go away. I was able to just explain what I wanted and what I could see inside my head, and Hollister Creative was able to take that and put it on the computer screen and on the printed page.” – Chris Gajewski, co-owner, Bryn Mawr Orthodontic Lab

Three Quick Tips

If you are faced with refreshing a brand identity, here are three tips to keep in mind:

  1. Improve what doesn’t work but keep what works. BMOL had and wanted to keep multiple, separate marketing pieces, each of which could be used alone. By asking “How will each piece be used?” we learned that BMOL often presented multiple pieces, but without anything to pull them together into a neat package. A folder was the obvious solution.
  2. Apply a simple graphic globally to link all pieces. The sweep of textured green and blue is like a background whisper. It unites all the BMOL pieces in a subtle way, without overwhelming the type or other graphic elements. A small change like this, artfully applied, can feel like a big change.
  3. Go upscale to make a small company look big. With sophisticated, professional marketing materials, BMOL looks like a top competitor in its industry. It’s often said that people never get a second chance to make a first impression. If your prospects meet your brochure before they meet you, that’s where the first impression gets made.

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