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How to write and design an effective sell sheet

New Spring Capital is a private equity firm, providing capital and expertise to entrepreneurs and investment opportunities to individuals and institutions. With 17 investment professionals, $600 million invested and four offices across the Mid-Altantic region, NewSpring Capital is by all measures a sophisticated and successful company. For years, the company had been creating collateral pieces in-house, laying them out within the limited capabilities of Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. While adequate, these pieces appeared less sophisticated than the collateral that competitors were giving out at industry conferences and events. NewSpring Capital asked Hollister Creative to design new collateral pieces as polished and professional as the company itself. The first set of collateral pieces included a sell sheet introducing the company and its three funds to entrepreneurs in need of capital. Here are some tips for creating a sell sheet:

  • Use the top of the page to grab attention with a headline and a few sentences of copy that establish the company’s capabilities, its credibility and the benefits it provides to the audience. Putting your contact information at the top is a waste of prime real estate. In the mind of the prospect, “I’m interested” comes before “I want to contact them.”
  • If you need to convey a lot of information, try breaking it down into bullet points and a chart or graph. This approach has the dual benefits of providing multiple entry points for the reader and dividing the content into small chunks that are easier to digest.
  • In the absence of photos, create visual interest with shapes and colors that complement the logo.