How to design a car wrap

Teamsters Local 830 and Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates expect that proactive intervention to manage patient care will lead to better health outcomes for patients, as well as reduced healthcare costs for the labor union’s Employee Benefit Funds.

So Local 830?s Employee Benefit Funds recently teamed up with Guardian Nurses to develop a new service for members and their covered dependents. The service is called Mobile Care Coordinator, and it makes Registered Nurses available for consultations with members at home or in the hospital. When traveling to meet with patients, the Mobile Care Coordinator drives a specially marked Ford Escape SUV.

Guardian Nurses came to Hollister Creative for help in branding and promoting the new service, which will be offered to other unions and employers now that it has been launched with Teamsters Local 830. In addition to the logo, Hollister created a poster, the web page, a business card for the coordinator and the car wrap for the SUV.

Here are some tips on designing a full or partial vehicle wrap:

  1. Obtain an accurate template for the exact make, model and year of the vehicle from the printer who will output the wrap and affix it to the vehicle surface. If possible, see the vehicle yourself, measure it, photograph it and study the lines of its design before you start to work on your design for the wrap.
  2. Consider all of the angles from which the car will be viewed, as well as how you will work with and around door seams, handles, trim, concave dips and convex bulges in the auto body surface. You can use the windows in your design, just know that images on windows are perforated so that the driver and passengers can see out.
  3. Be bold in your design. A wrap is like a billboard in that it must pique the interests of passersby and deliver a simple brand awareness message in seconds. Use easy-to-read typefaces and make the type large enough to be read from a passing car. Include a website URL or a phone number so that people who want to respond or find out more can do so.


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