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How do you create a cohesive
design with lots of different
logos or graphics?

Each year for the past decade, Hollister Creative has been challenged to create a new graphic theme for the Enterprise Awards, an annual gala honoring top companies and CEOs in technology and life sciences. A program of PACT, the Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies, the Enterprise Awards celebrated its 20th year on May 9, 2013.

As the evening festivities unfold, nominees in each category anxiously await the Oscar-style, envelope-please drama that reveals who will take home the iconic Techie trophy. The graphic theme always features the Techie in an abstract image meant to convey the modern elegance of the event.

The theme image becomes the cover of the Tribute Journal, the commemorative program every attendee receives. The theme also is expressed in various ways across other event collateral, including nametags, table and directional signs, and a seating booklet.

Design of the 68-page Tribute Journal is foremost in mind as the theme is being developed. A booklet of that size requires several unifying graphic elements that will pull together a lot of competing visuals, including 47 color advertisements and dozens of logos.

Here are three things to keep in mind when creating a graphic theme for a booklet that incorporates text content, ads and logos:

  1. Pick up an element from the cover design to carry inside on content pages. If the element is distinctive yet subtle, it will add interest to text pages without diminishing readability.
  2. Pull ad pages into the design by extending the background color of the text pages across the gutters to frame the ads. The color should be neutral so as not to clash with any colors in the ads.
  3. Create an airy space on any page with multiple featured logos (i.e. sponsors or finalists) so that each can get the attention it deserves without detracting from the others on the page.


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