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Event branding ensures maximum impact for AMAC conference materials

Client’s Challenge

The Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) brings together businesses, aviation professionals, government officials and individuals from around the country for the Annual Airport Business Diversity Conference. Attendees discuss a variety of topics — from how to do business at airports to public policy issues that affect the entire aviation industry.

This year, AMAC selected our Marcom Alliance partner, Perfection Events, to design, plan and produce the conference, held in Houston in June. The company’s owner and chief event strategist, Mazda Miles, reached out to Hollister Creative to handle the event branding and graphic design.

The challenge was to create a graphic identity to support the 2017 conference theme, “The Magic of Flight,” then design all event marketing and attendee materials with a consistent branded look. Deadlines were very tight and the conference needed a sponsorship packet, promotional flyers, graphics for a website and social media, a program guide, a PowerPoint template, artwork for a hotel key card and signage.

Our Solution

To develop the graphic identity, we first queried the client about the meaning of the word “magic.” It was important for us to understand why they chose that word and not waste time guessing at interpretations. This quickly led to discussion of an oversized moon as the magical element.

In the final visual theme, the moon dominates a dramatic sky where a plane is in flight over the Houston skyline. Holding those elements together are eye-catching blue and orange curved arches that evoke an airplane’s flight path. Over the course of several months, we applied that identity to create design consistency among the many pieces that were needed leading up to and during the event.

Perfection Events was very good about setting and re-setting priorities as new projects and changes flew in from AMAC. Having lots of experience with event graphics, we knew the importance of remaining flexible because details continually change right up to the event date.

Client Comment

Who do you turn to when you have a rapid-fire, quick-turnaround, high-stakes, must-be-perfect-and-sensational need for conference collateral and design? Hollister Creative, of course! Over my 20-year career, I’ve been challenged on many occasions, but not many experiences surmount those posed by this project for our newest client, Airport Minority Advisory Council. With a new leader at the helm and only five months to plan and execute an industry-leading conference, we had our work cut out for us. We knew we needed to engage the right partner who could ensure our success. The Hollister team was insightful, thorough, lightning fast, accurate, and in the midst of everything still managed to wow our client with their ability to accurately interpret their vision. I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough. Hollister made us and our client shine!
– Mazda T. Miles, CMM, Chief Event Strategist, Perfection Events

Three Quick Tips

If you’re planning an event, big or small, these tips can help guide the branding and graphic design:

  • Create a flexible graphic identify so that it can be applied to many different mediums in various sizes and shapes. Vector graphics are more scalable than photos. If using a pattern, consider whether it becomes overwhelming at the largest size or unrecognizable at the smallest size.
  • Develop the graphic identity early and use it consistently. You want everything people see — from the first Save the Date postcard to signage at the event — to have the same branding. This ensures that every form of communication about the event is instantly identifiable.
  • Plan and stay organized. The event date is an inflexible deadline, so work backward from that. In the planning stage, think through all of the collateral pieces that will be needed. Create a production timeline for each piece, leaving enough time for printing and delivery.