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How to create an interactive brochure

When people say “interactive,” they usually mean a digital product that invites the user to manipulate it or respond to it in some way. When people say “brochure,” they usually mean a print product. Brochures can and should be inviting, but the user does little more than turn the page.

Innovative Schools wanted an interactive brochure. It had to be unusual enough to stand out from the standard trifolds on other exhibit tables at the education conferences where this Delaware nonprofit promotes its services to schools. And it had to involve the user enough to keep him moving through the content.

Hollister Creative developed a 10-panel piece that looks square when folded and opens in a flap-by-flap progression through the content. The user has to interact with each fold to reveal the next element.

When designing a brochure with unusual folds:

  1. Stay aligned with the existing branding. No matter how unusual, the brochure still has to look as though it belongs with the organization’s website and other collateral.
  2. Pay close attention to the order of the folds. As the user opens each fold, the visible content has to look like an organized set of words and images.
  3. Work backward from the fully open piece. In the end, only half the panels will be visible; the rest will be on the back. So make sure the visible panels work together to form a “wow” finish.


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