Q: My designer emailed a PDF proof, but it doesn’t look like the correct size to me. What happened?

A: When a designer creates your brochure, magazine, postcard or poster, they build it at 100% actual size. But when you open your PDF proof, your computer may scrunch it down if it is large, like a poster, or enlarge it if it is small, like a business card, so that you can see the entire proof on your screen.

not_actual_sizeIf you decide that you want to print out the PDF proof, your computer may want to fit it snugly on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, regardless of its actual size.

To get an accurate view of the piece at actual size, view it, and print it, at 100%.

Note exception: Super-large items, such as billboards, bus wraps and large trade show displays, are not created at 100%.

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