Q: I’ve been tasked with all outdoor photography for our marketing team. How do I make sure I get the best pictures of my school’s gorgeous campus for the new student recruitment brochure? The pictures I’ve taken in the past seem sort of dreary and I don’t know why. I always take them right before Thanksgiving break because the campus is very lively then with sporting events and concerts.

A: No campus in the northeast looks great in late November. The trees are getting bare and all you have for flowers are a few mums, if that. When it comes to outdoor photography, the season and weather matter.

An example of good outdoor photography

Cheery: The same building looks
inviting on a sunny, summery day.

An example of bad outdoor photography

Dreary: Drexel University looks foreboding when the trees are bare and the sky is overcast.

The best time to take pictures of the campus is in spring or summer, when the trees are lush with leaves and the flowers are in full bloom. If you want lots of students in the photos, take them at the start of school or in October when the leaves are sporting their gold, orange and red academic robes.

Whatever the season, always take outdoor pictures on sunny days. An overcast sky can make even the most colorful campus look dreary.

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