Do you want your business to come up first in organic search results? Of course you do! If you invest in search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, or for client sites you are paid to optimize, you may be obsessed with that quest.

So why does Google, which gets nearly 70 percent of all search traffic, keep making it harder for businesses to reach the “first page” holy grail? Why, oh why, does Google keep adjusting its secret algorithms so that what worked yesterday no longer works? Whose side is Google on, anyway?

Optimizing your site: You must do what Google says.

What the Google gods sayeth, we all must obeyeth, lest we be cast out from the Organic Garden.

As ever, Google is on your side when you are the searcher, the seeker of information. Google wants consumers to have a successful search experience. When you are the searchee, the purveyor of goods and services, Google couldn’t care less about your success in organic search. In fact, Google is suspicious of you because businesses are forever trying to game its consumer-centric system.

In the search giant’s latest and greatest move to upend SEO as we know it, Google Analytics recently stopped reporting keyword data. You can no longer see which Google keyword searches are actually driving visitors to your website.

What’s a would-be optimizer to do? Since the Google gods rule Internet search, you have little choice but to follow the one commandment they have handed down: “Thou shalt serve the searchers.”

Like all commandments, this is simple but not easy. You have to share your knowledge by answering questions people have about businesses like yours. You have to post original content on your website or blog that is relevant, factual, current and informative.

If your content is also clear, comprehensive and cleverly written, you increase the chances that readers will share it on social media, thereby conveying additional Google blessings upon you.

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