bigfoot-01On the Internet, no one knows you’re a beast. But if you optimize your digital presence, those who are searching for a beast will find you. (Hollister Creative illustration by Max Walter)


Like you, we would freak out at a Bigfoot sighting. The elusive giant is scarier than the Loch Ness Monster. We can avoid Nessie if we avoid swimming in her lake in the Scottish Highlands, but Bigfoot could be anywhere.

His big hairy audacious self has been sighted in the Himalayas, where they call him Yeti, and in Canada, where they call him Sasquatch. The first evidence that he had emigrated to America was found in 1958, when his two-foot-long, eight-inch-wide footprints were seen in California.

A monstrous footprint is a bad thing if you find it in your backyard or at your campsite. On the web, a monstrous footprint is a great thing for your business.

The digital footprint of your business is a way of describing the total number of places the business has appeared online, leaving its tracks across the Internet landscape. The more tracks you leave, the more likely it is that people searching for a business like yours will find you.

Size matters in a digital footprint. Aim to make it bigger and bigger over time. Below are tips on how to do that. But quality matters, too. You can waste a lot of time leaving tracks in places your prospects don’t visit, so plan your trek accordingly.

Here are five free or inexpensive ways to increase the size of your company’s digital footprint:

1. Blog to add pages to your website. Each original blog article, video or infographic you post and optimize with relevant keywords provides fresh tracks for prospects to follow to your website.

2. Share each blog on social media. Re-use your blog as a discussion topic to engage your audience in conversation. Pay $20 or so to boost it, so more people will see it. Ask others to share it.

3. Claim all directory listings. Start by claiming your Google My Business listing. Then either spend time or buy Yext (or a similar tool) to claim, update and manage all online directory listings.

4. Create profiles on industry sites. If any business or trade group you join has a website with member listings, get listed and pay (if you must) to add a hotlink from it to your website.

5. Get accounts on B2C review sites. If you sell to consumers, weigh the risks and rewards of appearing on review sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List. Reviews increase your footprint.

If your company is the online Bigfoot, you will get found more frequently than your competitors.

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